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Specialist conductor Harry Bicket content to ‘miss out on the 19th century’

While English maestro Harry Bicket occasionally stretches into other eras, he’s content with his specialized focus of Baroque and contemporary…

screenshot from the video Cynthia Yeh on MacMillan's percussion concerto 'Veni, Veni, Emmanuel'

Carlos Miguel Prieto and Cynthia Yeh

CSO principal percussion Cynthia Yeh is the soloist in Scottish composer’s minimalism- and chant-inflected Veni, Veni, Emmanuel.


Beyond the Score unravels the mysteries of Brahms

In November, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra launched the 10th season of its imaginative Beyond the Score series with a program honoring…


Let’s play two: Hilary Hahn hits her repertoire out of the park

Talk about double threats. Hilary Hahn is not only one the supreme violin virtuosos of our time, but she is…


Max Raabe, nights in Berlin and afternoons at the Chicago Public Library (mit Fotos aus dem Konzert)

Earlier this month, Max Raabe and his Palast Orchester glided through their winter residency at Berlin’s Admiralspalast, the 1910 theater…


Pondering the enigma of Mahler’s Symphony No. 7

Just a cursory look at the commentaries on Mahler’s Symphony No. 7 in E Minor, and one has the immediate…


Hurrah! Gloria! ¡Viva! Saluting Lincoln with Verdi at Juarez? Soitenly!

Abraham Lincoln, whose Springfield-bound funeral train stopped in Chicago days after his assassination 150 years ago on April 14, fascinates Gene…


Murray Perahia prefers an in-the-moment approach to performance

Murray Perahia has given thousands of concerts since making his first big mark with a victory at the 1972 Leeds…


Entering the world of Anna Clyne’s ‘Postponeless Creature’

Anna Clyne’s music can be described in a multitude of ways: the most simple and straightforward would be to say…


Modern music for an ancient instrument, the harpsichord

Though one of the most important instruments during the Baroque and early Classical eras, the harpsichord by the 20th century was…