After turning 60 on Oct. 7, Yo-Yo Ma has made the media rounds, with appearances on “Late Night With Stephen Colbert,” “The Simpsons,” and most recently, “PBS NewsHour.” In a segment that aired Oct. 19, the CSO’s Judson and Joyce Green’s Creative Consultant discussed his milestone birthday and its impact on his artistic agenda.

“I have spent quite a lot of time thinking, what can I do between 60 and 70 that may be useful? I think, from my perspective, I get more and more pleasure seeing other people doing things and succeeding,” Ma said in the interview with PBS reporter Jeffrey Brown. “And I don’t feel like I have to do this and that in order to prove something.”

Ma also described what music means to him: “It’s a friend, a friend in need. It is — it gives joy. It gives solace.”

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TOP: Yo-Yo Ma in concert with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in March 2015. | Todd Rosenberg Photography