Tristan Perich, Surface Image (2013) | Chicago premiere

    Duration: 60 minutes
    Instrumentation: Solo piano and 40-channel 1-bit electronics
    Commissioned by Vicky Chow
    Premiered by Vicky Chow on Feb. 19, 2013, at Roulette in Brooklyn, N.Y.
    Copyright: Tristan Perich

    The composer writes:
    “I am interested in the threshold between the abstract world of computation and the physical world around us. Scored for traditional instrumentation combined with 1-bit electronics, this composition is a duet between musician and code, exploring an interest in foundations of electronic sound. The simplest electronic tones can be created by sending on and off pulses of electricity to a speaker, creating an oscillation at the desired pitch. These pulses are represented digitally in binary as 1-bit information, where a 1 or 0 signifies the corresponding electrical state. When working with 1-bit wave forms, data is equivalent to sound; no higher-level translation is needed.” 

    About the composer:
    The challenge of elegance provokes Tristan Perich’s work in physical and digital art. The Village Voice calls “1-Bit Music,” his circuit-in-a-CD-case album, “technology and aesthetic rolled into one.” WIRE magazine describes his music as “an austere meeting of electronic and organic.” In 2009, Austria’s Prix Ars Electronica honored him with the Award of Distinction for his composition Active Field. In 2010, Rhizome gave him a commission for an audio installation with 1,500 speakers. Perich had a solo exhibition at New York’s bitforms gallery in 2009. His machine drawings were showcased in the 2005 book Makers, and have been shown in group shows at the Dactyl Foundation, ABC No Rio, the Philoctetes Center, Gallery 51 and Greylock Arts. Perich studied math, music and computer science at Columbia University. More recently, he studied electronic art at ITP/Tisch School of the Arts of New York University.