Stewart Copeland, acclaimed as “The Rhythmatist” in the rock world, came to Chicago this week to drum up interest in his latest project, “Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.”

The composer-drummer has written a new score for the classic 1925 silent film, and he will join members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra when it presents the movie with live accompaniment on Oct. 14 in an SCP Special Concert.

In an interview on WGN-TV, Copeland announced, “I’m back in Chicago with a real band [the CSO]. I don’t need those two other guys,” he added, in a joking reference to his former mates in the Police, Sting and Andy Summers.

On the difference in composing for rock and classical, he said, “Rock is instinctual. Orchestral writing is very intellectual. I think very deeply about every note, it’s deeply conceived. … So when I’m writing a concerto, and I’m going to be playing the drum part, I’m thinking, ‘And that drummer guy better not screw this up.’ “

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