Welcome to the Spanish Rhythm and Dance Parent Guide!

The Negaunee Music Institute has developed a series of fun and engaging activities for you and your child to explore before your visit to Symphony Center. Below you will find links to short three- and five- and ten-minute activities; activities you can do in the car on the way to the concert; and a playlist of the of the concert repertoire to listen to with your child(ren).

LISTEN before the concert, using our Spotify playlist. Access the playlist below or at this link. You can listen to the tracks freely, or you can explore the activities below for an enhanced listening experience.

*Note that a free account is required to use Spotify.

Have more time? Explore these SHORT AT-HOME ACTIVITIES with your child before coming to Symphony Center!

3-minute activity: explore maps of Spain and learn about traditional Spanish instruments.

5-minute activity: create your own Spanish dance!

10-minute activity: learn about the flamenco dance and how to perform one.

Short on time? We also have some ACTIVITIES FOR THE CAR.

Use our Quick Composer Facts to learn about the featured artists on the concert!

Our Instrument Identification activity will help your child recognize and learn about the many instruments they will see on the stage.

Learn more about guest artists performing at the concert in our Artist Spotlight activity.