Over his career, Italian composer-pianist Ludovico Einaudi has traveled to many unusual venues. But performing on an ice floe in the Arctic Ocean might have been his most unusual concert location yet.

Last summer, Einaudi flew to the waters off the Wahlenbergbreen Glacier near Svalbard, Norway, to perform his original work Elegy for the Arctic. Einaudi, who will appear Oct. 24 at Symphony Center, wrote the work for a Greenpeace-organized campaign to help preserve the Arctic. The performance was captured on video and chronicled on Greenpeace’s blog: “As [Einaudi] performed this piece for the first time — in front of a magnificent surging glacier — the music echoed across the ice, a moment that will remain in our minds forever.”

On his own site, Einaudi posted this update: “One year ago, I played ‘Elegy for the Arctic’ in support of the campaign for a marine sanctuary in the North Pole’s international waters. One year has passed, ‘Save the Arctic’ is still a global priority. We still need your support.”

There’s also a “making of” video, about the Elegy for the Arctic experience, on Einaudi’s site. Filming had to be halted when ice started to split off the glacier.