The Chicago Symphony Orchestra commissioned this video to introduce Riccardo Muti, the CSO’s 10th music director, to the greater Chicago community. From the start, he has loved his adopted hometown and the audiences of the CSO.

    In a letter that he recently wrote to the New York Times, Muti remarked, “Chicago’s greatest resource is its wonderful people, who do not see music merely as an entertainment but also as cultural enrichment. This is a city rich in neighborhoods with great diversity that have been nothing but incredibly responsive to our attempts to bring music to those who may not or cannot come to us in the concert hall, whether because of cost or other barriers.

    “In each case, these efforts to share our music widely have been received with tremendous openness and affection, an outpouring of feelings from the heart that is as profound as any I have experienced conducting the great orchestras of the world across many cities and countries. Chicagoans are proud of their city, as we all should be.”