Have more time? Explore these SHORT AT-HOME ACTIVITIES with your child before coming to Symphony Center!

2-minute activity: What is Courage?

1. Guide your child through a discussion about courage, using the following questions as prompts:

  • What does it mean to have courage?
  • Does courage look the same for everyone?
  • How is being courageous different from being fearless?

7-minute activity: Character Themes

Explore each of the musical themes that Prokofiev used to represent each character. You can simply listen, or use the prompts below.

Bird (Spotify Track 1, 0:13–0:30): The Bird’s theme is played by the flute, which is part of the woodwind family in the orchestra. The flute is commonly used to depict the sound of a bird.

Duck (Spotify Track 1, 0:33–0:50): The Duck’s theme is played by the oboe, which is also part of the woodwind family.

Cat (Spotify Track 1, 0:52–1:12): The Cat’s theme is played by the clarinet, which is another member of the woodwind family.

Grandfather (Spotify Track 1, 1:15–1:40): The Grandfather’s theme is also played by a woodwind instrument, the bassoon. The bassoon is the lowest instrument of the woodwind family.

Wolf (Spotify Track 1, 1:44–2:02): The Wolf’s theme is played by the French horns, which are part of the brass family.

Peter (Spotify Track 1, 2:06–2:27): Peter’s theme is played by the string family of the orchestra.

The Hunters (Spotify Track 1, 2:32–2:39): The Hunters’ theme is depicted by woodwinds and a trumpet, with gunshot sounds represented by the timpani and bass drum, which are part of the percussion family.

10-minute+ activity: The Story

Learn the story of Peter and the Wolf by listening to the narrated version on Spotify by using this link. If you’d like to read the story instead, you can use this PDF or use a favorite picture book.