Thank you for joining us for Once Upon a Symphony! On this page, you will see answers to the most commonly asked questions about Once Upon a Symphony.

Where is Symphony Center? Where can I park?

Entrances are located at 220 S. Michigan Ave. and 67 E. Adams St.  To find nearby parking locations, we suggest visiting or

What do I do with my stroller?

Stroller parking will be available on the 1st floor of the Rotunda.  Symphony Center staff will park your stroller in a safe, secure location.

Where is the performance?

Buntrock Hall, located on the 2nd floor of the Rotunda.

Do we need to dress up?

No!  We encourage you to dress comfortably.

Where are our seats?

There are no assigned seats for these performances.  Seating consists of cushions and benches of various heights.  Please sit where you are most comfortable.

What if my child is in a wheelchair?

Buntrock Hall is completely wheelchair accessible, and our ushering staff will be happy to assist in accommodating any patrons who may use wheelchairs.  However, we kindly ask that you please contact Patron Services in advance of the concert to inform us of any special needs you may have.  Patron Services may be reached at 312.294.3000.

Do we have to stay in our seats?

No!  You may move to different seats during the performance, sit on the floor, or move closer to the stage, but we do ask that you be courteous to your neighbors and allow them to enjoy the performance too.  Please be aware that parts of the show will take place in the audience.  For the safety and enjoyment of our audience and performers, we do ask that you keep your child close to you.  If he or she begins to wander toward the stage or backstage, please gently guide him or her back to your seats.  There will be opportunities to see the stage and meet the musicians after the performance.

What if my child cries, becomes upset during the performance, or needs to use the restroom?

Unlike concerts in Orchestra Hall, you may exit and re-enter this performance at any time.  You may exit Buntrock Hall to comfort your child or give them a break so that they do not distract other patrons from enjoying the performance.  Our ushering staff and volunteers will help direct you to the nearest entrance and exit.

What if my child becomes noisy or talks during the performance?

It’s OK!  We expect that young children will behave like young children.  However, we do ask that you please be courteous to your neighbors and allow them to enjoy the performance too.

My child is uncomfortable around strangers. Will they be OK during this concert?

Your child will not be forced to do anything that might make him or her uncomfortable.  If they do not want to participate in any part of the experience, it’s fine to just sit and watch.

Can we sing along or hum along or dance to the music?

Absolutely!  Please do!  During some parts of the performance, we want everyone to sing, hum and dance!

Can I videotape or photograph the concert?

No. Symphony Center policies expressly prohibit still, audio, and video recording, which includes cell phone recordings. Flash photography is very distracting to the performers, and the bright light emitted by camera and cell phone screens is very distracting to other audience members. There will be opportunities to take photos and meet performers after the performance.