Bill McMurray, Chicago Symphony Chorus | ©Todd Rosenberg Photography 2017

Hometown: Fayetteville, N.C.

Year joined the Chicago Symphony Chorus: 2008

Education: Master of music performance, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

What work this season are you are most looking forward to performing, and why?

Rossini’s Stabat mater (June 21-24). It is a glorious piece and sings like an opera without the drama, but with the same intensity.

Offstage, I like to: 

I recently began to do CrossFit, and it has benefited me greatly. The challenge of building a healthier and stronger body each day has also allowed me to meet and connect with like-minded people who motivate, encourage and support me. I am also a huge sports fan, enjoy reading, cooking and discovering great bakeries.

Currently, I’m reading:

I’m reading a novel by Peter Ackroyd entitled The Trial of Elizabeth Cree, which has been made into an opera by Kevin Puts that premiered at Opera Philadelphia in September. It will have its Midwest premiere in Chicago this winter with Chicago Opera Theater (Feb. 10, 16 and 18 at the Studebaker Theater), and I will be a part of the production.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“Think positive thoughts and good things will happen.”

Who is/are your favorite composer(s), and why?

I have three favorite composers, all of whom are great opera composers. The first is Mozart. He really knew how to write for the voice, and in his time, no one could do what he did. His opera Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) is one of my favorites in all of the repertoire. Singing Mozart requires the singer to have excellent technique in both the bottom and top of their range. He exposes you at times while giving you the opportunity to showcase your abilities.  The next is Rossini — the master of patter is a gift to any singer who has a flexible voice. He really lets you show how fast and colorful you can sing. The last one is Verdi. He combines both traits of Mozart and Rossini with beautiful melodies and extreme drama.

©Todd Rosenberg Photography 2017