The Citizen Musician Fellowship through the Civic Orchestra of Chicago is in its inaugural season. The fellowship is an extension of the Citizen Musician Initiative, training eight musicians from the Civic Orchestra of Chicago in four key areas: Artistic Development; Citizen Musicianship; Entrepreneurship and Professional development.

The fellows work closely together as a cohesive unit, collaborating with Yo-Yo Ma, members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, ensembles such as 8th Blackbird, 5th House Ensemble and Dal Niente, on various projects throughout the Chicagoland area.

2013-2014 Citizen Musician Fellows:

Joshua Fleming, Bassoon
Genevieve Guimond, Cello
Helen Hess, Viola
Amy Krueger, Horn
Brett Lewis, Double Bass
Susan Paik, Violin
Will Robbins, Double Bass
Duncan Spry, Tuba