If you’re a “Back to the Future” fan, you’ll recall that Oct. 21, 2015, is Back to the Future Day. That’s the date Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) time-traveled to in the film’s 1989 sequel, “Back to the Future II.”

Thirty years after the original film’s debut, all sorts of anniversary tributes and tie-ins have been planned, including a new Blu-ray release of the trilogy, special screenings, a new documentary (opening theatrically Nov. 3) and more. For details, check out the official “Back to the Future” site. As part of the 30th anniversary festivities, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra will perform the score of “Back to the Future” — with new material penned for this occasion by composer Alan Silvestri — as the full-length film screens above the stage in a CSO at the Movies concert March 4.

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