Lawrence Neuman has been a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra‘s viola section since 1991. In the latest episode of Intermission at the CSO, he tells his own story of getting to the CSO and offers advice for young musicians aspiring to become professional performers. He describes the intensity of hearing live concerts, how the caring and commitment of each player builds a unified sound and the importance of the CSO’s contribution to Chicago.

Produced by CSO trumpet John Hagstrom and multimedia editor Scott Brewer, Intermission at the CSO is available on Simplecast, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify and other popular podcast platforms.

TOP: Lawrence Neuman, a member of the CSO’s viola section for 30 years, says, “I can’t overstate how lucky  I feel to be in this orchestra. … It’s just a great privilege.” | ©Todd Rosenberg Photography