Offering a post-mortem on this year’s Oscars best-score contest, New Yorker critic Alex Ross assesses how the soundtrack for “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968) created a new model in Hollywood. “[Director Stanley] Kubrick’s brilliant assemblages of extant music, in ‘2001,’ ‘Barry Lyndon’ and ‘The Shining,’ perfected a different approach to movie music,” Ross writes. “Here the director curates a meta-score from many sources” — including works by Richard Strauss, Johann Strauss and most of all, György Ligeti — [it’s] “a temp track at an exalted level.”

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As part of its CSO at the Movies series, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra will perform the soundtrack of “2001” on March 13 as the complete movie screens above the stage. For more details, click here.