Note: Due to the COVID-19 heath crisis, this concert run has been canceled. Tickets may be exchanged for other CSO/SCP concerts or refunded. More options and additional information can be found at or by calling Symphony Center at (312) 294-3000. 

Dmitri Shostakovich dedicated his Symphony No. 7 to “our fight against fascism, to our coming victory over the enemy and to my native city of Leningrad.”

Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 7, which the Chicago Symphony Orchestra will perform under Valery Gergiev on March 20 and 22, “was a direct result of Dmitri Shostakovich being a great symphonist,” said Gergiev, in a video interview with Gramophone magazine. “He was a very powerful genius and spoke for millions and millions of people who faced deadly risk and were losing their lives every minute during World War II. He wrote the work while the city was under siege during World War II.  But it was clear that they were not going to lose their culture. He found an incredible balance between a personal statement and speaking about a global event of unbelievable proportions.”