Have more time? Explore these SHORT AT-HOME ACTIVITIES with your child before coming to Symphony Center!

2-minute activity: Explore what it means to live in harmony with friends?

Guide your child through a discussion about friendship. Together, create a friendship recipe.

  • What are the ingredients of a good friendship?
  • If some of the ingredients are missing, what could happen to the friendship?
  • What special directions are needed to make a good friendship?

7-minute activity: Communities in Harmony

Explore the emotion evoked in each piece of music. You can simply listen, or use the prompts below.

  • Encourage your child to think about their feelings when listening to each piece of music.
  • Ask your child to share their feelings.
  • Ask your child why they felt this way.
  • Tell your child that most of the music from this concert is a celebration of community.
  • Ask your child what kind of community celebration is heard in each piece of music.

10-minute+ activity: Georges Bizet’s Farandole from L’Arlésienne, Suite No. 2

  • Tell your child that just like friendship, music sometimes brings different ideas together. In the farandole from Bizet’s L’Arlésienne, Suite No. 2, a march and a dance meet and make beautiful music together!
  • Ask your child to demonstrate how they would move to march music.
  • Play the first 15 seconds of the piece, ask your child to move in a march-like way.
  • Now play the 15 seconds of the dance that begins about 30 seconds into the piece.
  • Ask your child to listen without moving and think about how they might move differently to this music.
  • Play the piece at 0:30 again and let your child show their movement idea.
  • At approximately 2:30, pause the music. Ask your child if they heard a “Surprise!” (Both the march and the dance were played together.)
  • Play the music again. When both the march and dance can be heard at the same time, ask your child to begin moving again. They can choose to move to the march or to the dance, or to both.
  • Guide your child in a discussion using this prompt: When performing the farandole, the musicians have to be good listeners in order to play together. Being a good listener is key to being a good friend. Can you tell me about a time when you were a good listener to your friend, or when a friend listened to you?
  • Together, make a list of reasons why being a good listener is key to being a good friend.