Flamenco sensation Estrella Morente continues in the tradition established by her father, Enrique Morente, and other greats of the genre.

So it’s fitting that her father, who died in late 2010, guided the production of her latest disc, “Autorretrato” (“Self-Portrait”), released in 2012. “On this album I’m more myself than ever because it’s the [first] time I’ve delegated the most to my father,” said Morente, who performs March 4 in a Symphony Center Presents Special Concert. “There isn’t anything that he didn’t participate in,” Morente said in an interview with the site Flamenco World. “We were at the studio for hours and hours working spontaneously, naturally, with freedom.”

Though “Autorretrato” celebrates her father’s legacy, she also views it as a song of the self. “It’s my treasure, my card of freedom,” she told the Spanish publication La Nueva Espana. “It’s something I learned from my father: to do things with the deepest expression. It’s a look into me, a reflection of how I found myself at that time [of his death] as music. There are masterpieces of others and my own compositions, but the important thing is the connection with freedom of expression.”

Joining her on “Autorretrato” are flamenco stars Paco de Lucía, Vicente Amigo, Tomatito and Juan Carmona, along with American jazz guitarist Pat Metheny and British composer Michael Nyman. Like her father, Morente believes in fusing flamenco with other styles. “I was fortunate to have a father who was a genius as well as a work of art. He taught me to be complete and meticulous in every concert, every thing. And that is [important to] what I want to create: flamenco from the soul, but with surprises that make you free by [incorporating] other genres.”

NOTE: Estrella Morente’s concert coincides with the annual Chicago Flamenco Festival, sponsored by the Instituto Cervantes. A full schedule can be found here.