Cynthia Yeh, principal percussionist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, in an interview for the Wall Street Journal’s My Tech Essentials column, explains how wire coat-hangers and fishing line are integral to her stage set-up.

“A lot of my gear doesn’t come from the music store. All of my triangle holders, for example, are made from bent coat-hangers. … And fishing line is a must-have. Sometimes, a score calls for key chimes instead of wind chimes, so I’ll round up everyone’s old keys and string them up with fishing line.”

In an aside, she mentions that she’s fan of rice cookers; the late Roger Ebert was another enthusiast of this kitchen device — so much so, that the film critic even wrote an entire book on the subject.

To read the full interview with Yeh, click here.

TOP: Cynthia Yeh takes a solo turn with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra last season in James MacMillan’s Veni, Veni, Emanuel. | Todd Rosenberg Photography