Riccardo Muti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra recently completed a triumphant 10-concert tour that took them to eight cities in six countries, marking the CSO’s 62nd international tour, its 34th tour to Europe, and eighth European tour with Riccardo Muti. With their stellar reputation preceding them, Muti and the Orchestra found sold-out venues and enthusiastic audiences eager to hear them perform at each location.

The repertoire featured during the tour highlighted works performed by Muti and the CSO during his 10 years as music director. Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 3, a work that was included in Muti’s first international tour with the CSO in 2007, and his Suite from Romeo and Juliet (a work featured on a 2014 CSO Resound recording) were part of several programs (they were also performed at Carnegie Hall on Nov. 16). In addition, Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 (From the New World), Hindemith’s Mathis der Maler Symphony and Wagner’s Overture to The Flying Dutchman, all performed during recent seasons, displayed the orchestra’s talents.

The following article, available for viewing in Issuu, an online e-reader, presents photographs and press quotes that offer a glimpse of this memorable tour.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association is grateful to Bank of America, the International Tour Sponsor of the CSO for the 2019-20 season; United Airlines, the official airline of the CSO, and the Zell Family Foundation, which sponsored the Naples, Italy, performance on Jan. 19.