Winter Tour 2014
The Chicago Symphony Orchestra was scheduled to fly from O’Hare to Madrid on Monday, Jan. 6, then connect to a flight to Las Palmas on Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) on Tuesday morning. Because the flight was delayed out of O’Hare due to the cold weather, the group missed the flight to Las Palmas. There were three other flights to Las Palmas that day, so the large group was divided into smaller groups and rescheduled on those. Once divvied up, the group on the late flight was given day rooms at a nearby hotel. Some rested at the hotel, others headed off to Madrid to do some sightseeing during the seven-hour-or-so layover. The final group arrived in Las Palmas around midnight, and the CSO musicians are all now here safe and sound and ready to start rehearsals for the opening performances of the 30th Canary Islands Music Festival.