At the young age of 37, Agata Zubel has become one of classical world’s most accomplished and internationally successful composers. In May, the Ensemble Intercontemporain in Paris will premiere a new instrumental electronic piece by her, and in October, the Seattle Symphony will perform a work she is writing for the orchestra.

The Polish-born composer also is a classically trained vocalist, and she will appear in that capacity during a MusicNOW concert March 7. On the program is Zubel’s Labyrinth (2011), a work for voice and chamber ensemble, with text by poet Wisława Szymborska; Zubel and members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra will perform the piece in its U.S. debut.

Her MusicNOW appearance promises to be an event, predicts a longtime friend. “She will do everything possible to bring the music to life and she is such an incredible stage animal, just to be on stage with her is an experience,” said Mikhail Shmidt, a violinist with the Seattle Symphony and the Seattle Chamber Players, in a recent New York Times feature about Zubel.

Cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, who performed with Zubel at the 2015 Ferus Festival, adds that as a performer, she has “that ‘thing,’ that ‘it,’ that quality where you walk in a room and go, ‘Wow, that was good.’  I don’t care if you like a completely different style of music, you, too, would be engaged by her artistry.”

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