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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


MusicNOW: ‘Companions’

Harris Theater for Music and Dance May 5 at 7 p.m.
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Anna Clyne on ‘The Lost Thought’

Set for three female voices and chamber ensemble, The Lost Thought is the second in a collection of five poems by Emily Dickinson intended for a multi-disciplinary evening.
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Mason Bates on ‘String Band’

Sandwiched between my burgeoning shelf of electronica vinyl and an admittedly more modest stack of bargain-bin classical LPs, I have in my record collection a few dozen albums of old-time string-band ...
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Martin Matalon on ‘Traces II’

Somewhat like a diary, the cycle of Traces—works for solo...
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Mason Bates on ‘Carbide & Carbon’

Of this work, composer Mason Bates says, "No musical body pos...
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The three movements of these broken wings concentrate on t...
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Edgar Guzmán on ‘PROMETEO & EPIMETEO’

The title of this work is intended to offer a metaphorical i...

Bates and Clyne look back on a ‘dream experience’...

With Clyne’s <<rewind<< and Bates’ Violin ...

MusicNOW season preview

Read about the artists and repertoire of the upcoming perfor...
Cliff Colnot

Cliff Colnot, 20 years as a Civic guardian

This year marks a milestone for Cliff Colnot, principal cond...
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Andy Akiho on ‘VICK(I/Y)’

Vick(i/y) is a solo for prepared piano that uses auditory an...