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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Koh Performs Clyne

May 28 & 30: World Premiere of CSO Mead Composer-in-Residence Anna Clyne’s Violin Concerto, performed by Jennifer Koh.

MusicNOW: Myra Melford and John Zorn

Harris Theater for Music and Dance June 1 at 7 p.m.

Muti Conducts Bates

Jun. 18 – 20: Riccardo Muti leads the World Premiere of CSO Mead Composer-in-Residence Mason Bates’ new work, ‘Anthology of…


Entering the world of Anna Clyne’s ‘Postponeless Creature’

Anna Clyne’s music can be described in a multitude of ways: the most simple and straightforward would be to say…


Anna Clyne revives an honored guest, with Yeats set to frets for ‘The Seamstress’

William Butler Yeats’ poem “A Coat” gave Anna Clyne “a brushstroke of an idea” for her violin concerto The Seamstress. “It’s an experiment for me,” says Clyne, the CSO’s Mead co-composer in residence, of the work, which will receive its world premiere May 28, with Jennifer Koh as soloist.


How a mentor put composer Marc Mellits on his career path

Some composers are best known for an opera or a string quartet, but thanks to YouTube, Marc Mellits has gained…


Anna Clyne on ‘Postponeless Creature’

Anna Clyne, Postponeless Creature (MusicNOW commission, world premiere) Duration: 12 minutes Instrumentation: Vocals, chamber ensemble and tape Copyright/publisher: Boosey & Hawkes…


Mason Bates on ‘Indigo Workshop’

Mason Bates, Indigo Workshop (2014) Duration: 5 minutes Instrumentation: Solo piano Commissioned by University of Wyoming Cultural Programs and Wyoming Institute…


On Pierre Boulez’s ‘Dérive 2′

Pierre Boulez, Dérive 2 (1988/2006/2009) Duration: 45 minutes Instrumentation: Large ensemble Dedicated to Elliott Carter Premiered by Ensemble Intercontemporain on Sept. 14, 2002,…


Anna Clyne and Mason Bates look back as they move forward

Receiving an appointment as composer-in-residence at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is a bit like being backed as chef de cuisine at a…

Samuel C. Adams and Elizabeth Ogonek, newly appointed Mead composers-in-residence. | © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2015

Muti selects Adams and Ogonek as next CSO composers-in-residence

Samuel Adams and Elizabeth Ogonek have been selected by Riccardo Muti for the position of CSO Mead Composers-in-Residence. They will…


Bates and Clyne reflect on ‘Alternative Energy’ and ‘Night Ferry’

The latest release from CSO Resound showcases Mason Bates’ Alternative Energy and Anna Clyne’s Night Ferry, recorded live at their 2012 premieres. Both works…

Screenshot from a video with Justin Reed talking about his MusicNOW commission, "Hommage a Scriabin"

Justin Reed on ‘Hommage à Scriabin’

Justin Reed/Todd Clark HOMMAGE Á SCRIABIN (MusicNOW commission, world premiere) Duration: 20 minutes Instrumentation: Turntables, lights and live visuals The composer writes:…


Anna Clyne on ‘A Wonderful Day’

Anna Clyne, A Wonderful Day (2013) Duration: 5 minutes Instrumentation: Amplified ensemble and pre-recorded audio Commissioned by Bang on a Can…