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Li-Kuo Chang, assistant principal viola, introduces the encore to the audience. | ©Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

Gallery: Second concert in Beijing

Ahead of the second concert in Beijing on the CSO’s Asia Tour 2016, musicians participated in a memorial recital, conducted…

CSO160111_7972.JPG  2016 CSO Asian Tour: 1/28/16 1:10:23 PM Concertmaster Robert Chen catches the Ceremonial Changing of the Royal Guard at Gyeongbokgung Palace © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

Gallery: Sightseeing and first concert in Seoul

After flying from Beijing to Seoul on the CSO’s Asia Tour 2016, musicians used free time in the morning to…

The Seoul Arts Center looms into view as the musicians' bus approaches the venue. | ©Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

Gallery: Master classes and final concert in Seoul

Before the tour’s final concert in Seoul, CSO musicians conducted master classes, performed in a string quintet at the U.S….

Maestro Muti takes a bow after Beethoven's Fifth during the second concert in Shanghai. | ©Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

When the CSO goes on tour, the world takes notice

After the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s second and final concert in Tokyo at the famed Bunka Kaikan on its Asia Tour 2016,…

CSO160111_3393.CR2  2016 CSO Asian Tour: 1/18/16 9:09:43 PM The CSO takes a final bow before leaving the stage.  © Todd Rosenberg

Gallery: Travel to Japan and first concert in Tokyo

After two concerts in Taipei, CSO musicians prepared for the three-hour flight to Tokyo, and upon their arrival, squeezed in…

CSO160111_3655.jpg  2016 CSO Asian Tour: 1/19/16 6:18:01 PM  Rob Kassinger peers up as he heads down to the stage and trunk area. 
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan © Todd Rosenberg 2016

Gallery: Second concert in Tokyo

Ahead of the second program in Tokyo, CSO members visited a community center in the Meguro-Honcho neighborhood, where they performed solo…

J. Lawrie Bloom takes a photo from the Hozōmon, the interior gate that leads to the Sensō-ji, the oldest standing temple in Tokyo. | © Todd Rosenberg 2016

Gallery: Farewell to Tokyo and on to Shanghai

Before leaving Tokyo on the CSO’s Asia Tour 2016, musicians squeezed in some last-minute sightseeing, including stops at the city’s…

Maestro Muti is a portrait of grace during Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4. | © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

Gallery: First concert in Shanghai

With rain falling over the city, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra headed to the Oriental Arts Centre to perform the first…

An electronic billboard welcomes patrons to the Shanghai Oriental Art Center. | ©Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

Gallery: Sightseeing and second concert in Shanghai

Ahead of the second concert in Shanghai, Chicago Symphony Orchestra musicians used free time in the morning to visit the…

Built during the 17th century, Beijing's Yonghe Temple, is a popular tourist attraction. | ©Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

Gallery: Farewell to Shanghai and first concert in Beijing

After traveling from Shanghai to Beijing on the Asia Tour 2016, CSO musicians took advantage of free time to explore…

2/11/09 10:17:25 PM --   2009 Chicago Symphony Orchestra Asia Tour.  (C) Todd Rosenberg Photography 2009

CSO violist Li-Kuo Chang reflects the life of an ever-evolving Shanghai

Li-Kuo Chang, assistant principal viola of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, embraces Shanghai, his home his first three decades, like a virtuoso concerto. He indulges the gilded elegance of its old boulevards and battles the harrowing shifts of revolution, then rushes with the dynamism of its soaring skyline — a measured soloist in harmony with a frenetic ensemble of a city that sometimes drifts precariously off-tempo, then pushes forward twice as fast. That’s Chang and Shanghai.